Grafer Studios
Creating art has been a lifelong journey of exploration and discovery -- a road of twists and turns and starts and stops, bringing both frustration and exhilaration along the way. A living, breathing, learning and growing experience for more than 50 years now.

After decades of painting only for myself and family, and thereby assembling an ever-growing collection of more than two hundred works in various genres, I am now motivated to create and share artworks with a wider audience in the world.

Through my home and online studios, and a studio at the Worcester Country Arts Council in Berlin, Maryland, I offer both old and recent works for your viewing. I hope you will see and enjoy something in this collection that calls to you in some way and inspires you - to look, or to buy, or to create something of your own.

All works displayed on this website or in my studios are available for purchase, whether priced or not. Please feel free to offer feedback and inquiries in the Contact page on this website, or contact my administrator Susan Koski-Grafer at

Art is the visual music of life!

Don W. Grafer